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Zeus Trojan Infects Android, Spreading Rapidly

Security researchers have discovered two new malware infections that are rapidly spreading across Android based devices.

Cyber criminals have managed to infect the platform using a variant of the Zeus Trojan, by sneaking it into the Android Market in an app, IT Pro reports.

The malware was bought to the Market by hiding it in a fake Android anti-virus app from Trusteer.

However, Kaspersky Lab researcher Denis Maslennikov claims that the Zeus Trojan is a primitive version of the virus and is not as powerful as the one affecting Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows.

“The first fact that must be mentioned is that ZitMo for Android differs from Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry versions a lot. The functionality and logic of ZitMo for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry is the same: C&C cell phone number, SMS commands, and the ability to forward SMS messages from a particular number, as well as the ability to change C&C,” he said in a blog post.

He explained that the APK for the Trojan was 19K in size and only has the ability to download incoming SMS messages to a remote server.