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ZTE Getting Aggressive, Launching Skate In Q4

Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE announced today that it would be partnering with device distributor Brightpoint, in a bid to increase ZTE's brand awareness in the channel.

Brightpoint handles accounts for Amazon, Tesco,, Expansys as well as Handtec and Clove Technology, which means that the aforementioned companies are likely to sell unbranded and unlocked ZTE handsets at some point in the future.

The fact that the ZTE Skate was first outed on the Brightpoint blog means that the smartphone should be available through the distributor in a near future; Wu Sa, the director of mobile device operations at ZTE, confirmed that the handset would be available in Q4.

Interestingly, ZTE recently displayed its Light Tab 2 tablets at the ComminicAsia trade show in Singapore, which possibly means that the low-cost tablets could also be available around the same period.

Partnering with Brightpoint means that ZTE is following the same path as HTC - shedding its image as an ODM/OEM only partner.

Indeed, Brightpoint is a master distributor for HTC and the fact that ZTE recruited Stephane Remy from HTC clearly shows the trajectory ZTE intends to take in the foreseeable future.

ZTE rose to fame as a brand thanks to the Orange San Francisco, otherwise known as the ZTE Blade, which sold more than two million units worldwide and set the benchmark when it came to value for money for the sub-£100 market.