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AirPlay Streaming for FaceTime Featured in iOS 5 Beta

iPhone maker Apple has dished out the iOS 5 Beta 3 for developers, which brings its AirPlay streaming service to FaceTime.

The long awaited feature will allow users to stream their video chats to their large screened televisions, using the device’s camera. AirPlay allows iOS users to stream content to connected televisions.

Jailbreakers have come up with some innovative uses for FaceTime, but this one, directly from the developers, is the most welcome of them all. FaceTime allows iOS users to use the front facing camera on the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad to make free video calls over Wi-fi to friends and family. Users would first have to purchase an AirPlay streaming device to stream videos to their TVs.

Allowing AirPlay for FaceTime, will make it easier for users to stream the video chat on a TV. AirPlay for FaceTime can also be used to share video call for a group of people, in order to conduct a business meeting or catching up with family members.

The feature appears in the beta version but, there has been no confirmation from Apple whether it will make it to the public version of the OS.

The company is expected to launch the iPhone 5 this summer and piling up new features to make it look more attractive than it already does.