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Amazon iPad 2 Competitor Landing In Autumn

Online retailing giant Amazon will apparently introduce its first tablet device before October, according to people with knowledge of the matter, and will also release two new versions of its Kindle ebook reader.

An article by Stu Woo and Yukari Iwatani Kane of the Wall Street Journal reports that one of the Kindle readers will be a touchscreen device while the other will be an improved but cheaper version of the current Kindle.

They will both use the same ink technology as the previous Kindles, although it will be interesting to see how much of a premium a touchscreen feature adds to the Kindle.

As for the tablet, it will have a 9-inch screen no rear or front camera and will run on the Google Android operating system. Amazon will also outsource the design and production of the tablet to an Asian manufacturer, the WSJ confirms.

Many see the tablet as an essential piece of Amazon's strategy aimed at encouraging its consumers to watch videos, listen to music, read ebooks and use apps, that they have either purchased or rented from Amazon.

Amazon has launched an Appstore that is a relabelled version of Google's Android Market. The latest rise in price of apps in Apple's App store is likely to give an additional incentive to users to switch.