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AMNews: ZTE Partners with Brightpoint, Chinese Man Builds iPad Imitation, Google Plus App Approval Delayed by Apple

Chinese handset manufacturer announced that it would be partnering with device distributor Brightpoint, in a bid to increase ZTE's brand awareness in the channel. Brightpoint handles accounts for Amazon, Tesco,, Expansys as well as Handtec and Clove Technology which means that the aforementioned companies are likely to sell unbranded and unlocked ZTE handsets at some point in the future.

iPad is not the cheapest tablet and its price tag may prevent many users from purchasing it. However, a resourceful Chinese man has recently posted a video on the Chinese version of YouTube, showing others how to build an iPad-imitation tablet from scratch.

Google has recently launched its Google+ social networking website, and is hoping to do the unthinkable by knocking Facebook off its perch. Having launched an app for the Android operating system, the search giant has developed a Google+ app especially for the iPhone, and is waiting for Apple to give the thumbs up.

News Corporation has succumbed to the pressure exerted upon the company to abandon the bid it placed for BSkyB acquisition. According to The Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch, the chief executive of media group News Corp. on Wednesday informed company’s decision to withdraw its bid from the auction process of BSkyB, a pay-TV firm, owing to pressure from the Parliament and general public.

Sony fans in the UK will reportedly be able to pre-order the new Sony S1 tablet as of September 1st, according to some documents obtained by website 'This is my next'. Previous estimations had suggested the tablet would be available for pre-order in late-August.

Ravi Mandalia

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