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Apple To Bring Journalistic Features To iPhone

As the iReporter or the 'citizen journalism' trend gains popularity, Apple intends to add two new iPhone features -"report" and "interview" modes - improving the live capturing of events and the recording of interviews, Patently Apple (opens in new tab) reports.

The "report" mode is used for capturing events or incidents, allowing the reporter to record the surroundings while narrating the events, the camera automatically switching between the two, creating a multiplex video.

In the "interview" mode, the microphones detect the direction of sound, switching the camera from the reporter to the subject(s) and vice-versa as the interview takes its course.

These two modes incorporate at least 2 cameras in opposite directions, streaming simultaneously, and more than one microphone set to detect the direction of sound. Another device would detect the lip movement of a person, thus focusing on the speech. According to the course of movements, sounds, events around it, the device automatically moves from one camera to another, from one microphone to another, creating a multiplexed video.

The video may be simultaneously transmitted through a video-call or it may be stored in the memory of the device.

Considering the complexity of these two interesting features,it could be a little soon to see them on the new iPhone 5, but they would probably appeal not only to the iReporter amateurs, but also to professional reporters and journalists, if and when they do arrive.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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