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Apple Increases Prices On App Store For UK Customers

Technology giant Apple introduced some considerable price adjustments to items in its international iTunes App Store on Wednesday.

The move by the company resulted in an increase in the prices of some of the software and music on offer throughout the UK and several other countries, whereas in countries like Australia, the prices of apps in the App Store underwent a significant decline.

Apple claims that the adjustments were made in order to bring the prices of its products in line with the current exchange rates. But, interestingly, the price hike is not applicable for books or movies, which is indeed, a bit strange.

However, there are also those who believe that Apple is dramatically adjusting the prices of its products in the App Store, with the view to hiking the prices of its hardware products (including the new iPad) in the foreseeable future.

It seems developers were not informed about these price changes in advance, some of whom were concerned by the move. “I am a little worried about the increases in the UK pricing, though, as that is a big market for us,” Kevin Hamilton of Binary Formations said.

Others were less concerned. “So while UK customers won't be happy, it's not surprising that this has happened, particularly given that the conversion rate used by Apple hasn't been adjusted for some time and we've had fluctuating currencies across the world,” Michael Burns of MacWorld pointed out.