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Apple pays compensation over location tracking

Apple has paid out compensation to a South Korean user of its iPhone after it was found guilty of tracking the individual without consent.

The payment of one million Won, or £585, was ordered by a Korean court in May and was paid out in June, according to anonymous officials for the case cited by Reuters.

The recipient of the payout is lawyer Kim Hyung-suk, who works for law firm Mirae Law. The payment was made by Apple's South Korea division.

Mirae Law revealed that it is now setting up a class action lawsuit, which could see a more substantial payout to a lot of people. A website called was set up to gather complainants.

While the sum of money paid out is very modest, this is the first compensation in the iPhone tracking scandal that rocked the company in recent months, where location data was collected and stored for up to a year without the permission of users.

Apple fixed the problem with a software update to iOS, but the incident has raised major questions over privacy when it comes to location-based services. Google is also being investigated in South Korea for allegedly abusing location data for advertising purposes.

Now that there is a precedent for a payout in Apple's latest privacy debatable, we will likely see further lawsuits resulting in payouts by the iPhone maker.