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Apple, Samsung Lawsuit Will Proceed at Normal Pace Says Judge

A judge has decided to refuse Apple’s request to quicken the pace of its lawsuit against Samsung.

According to Reuters (opens in new tab), Apple had moved to cut short the briefing process and bring the case in front of a jury in February.

The request to increase the pace of the case has been denied because of the length of time Apple and Samsung had tried to talk out their issues before going to the court. Apple itself stated that it was in talks with Samsung for a year before it decided to file a lawsuit.

Judge Lucy Koh had also ruled that Apple had not shown enough evidence which proves why it wants to increase the pace of the progress of the case.

“Apple has not established substantial harm or prejudice justifying a shortened briefing and hearing schedule for its Motion to Expedite”, she said.

“The Court agrees with Samsung that the length of time Apple has been aware of its claims and the long history of infringement alleged in the complaint undermine Apple’s claims of urgency to some extent,” she added.

The decision won’t have any impact on the on-going lawsuit but, Apple wouldn't be too pleased with the ruling as the case would progress at a much slower rate in contrast to its liking.

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