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BlackBerry App World reaches 1 billion

Research In Motion has unveiled it has reached a new milestone in items downloaded from its BlackBerry App World, with that figure hitting one billion and in just over two and a half years.

This news comes a short while before the new version of RIM's software repository is due to be launched, in BlackBerry App World 3.0 beta.

The massive amount has been reached by the store for BlackBerry handsets in over 100 different countries, with over three million downloads each day.

There have been many feature improvements over the period of time since BlackBerry App World first appeared on Research In Motion mobile phones, along with enhancements to the look and feel of the store.

BeBuzz is one of the success stories, which has an ability to assign LED light coloured to particular contact, where BeWeather is one of the leading weather apps on BlackBerry App World – with almost 10 million downloads combined, where the parent company has achieved over $1 million in sales.

This announcement comes off the back of Microsoft's news from yesterday, where the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has now hit 22,000 applications and in just over eight months since launch.

The Seattle based company compared this achievement to the BlackBerry App World, who has now been overtaken in numbers, despite being around for the length of time it has been running – according to Microsoft.

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