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Could Windows 8 Come With Support For Xbox Game Titles?

Rumours have been going around the mill for some time now that Microsoft's impending Windows 8 operating system will come with the ability to play Xbox 360 console games on your PC.

Although much of the tattle has been dismissed, thinq_ reckons there could be some shred of truth buried in the large pile of conjecture and wishful thinking.

While the Xbox 360 uses standard DVDs for its games the processor inside the console is based on IBM's PowerPC architecture, rather than x86. As a result, code written for the Xbox 360 won't run on a standard PC.

But that's not necessarily a deal-breaker, however. Back in 2006, Apple made the move from IBM's PowerPC-based chips to Intel's x86 products, breaking backwards compatibility with its previous products. To get around this, Apple developed a stop-gap while it waited for developers to re-code for x86: a compatibility layer that allowed PowerPC code to execute successfully on x86 chips.

With a similar compatibility layer, Microsoft could create a software overlay that allows a PC to pretend to be an Xbox 360.