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Developer Says More Than 90 Per Cent Of iOS Games Are Pirated

Software developer Gamized has attacked Apple for its inability to curb piracy on its iOS platform, calling the problem 'humiliating'.

The company's Luis Fonseca has revealed to thinq_ (opens in new tab) that fewer than one in ten copies of commercial games currently being played by iOS-powered device owners has been legally purchased.

Gamized, which usually develops branded games for other companies, decided to create its own title earlier this year, leading to the birth of soccer game Fingerkicks.

After just a few days on the iTunes App Store, more than 17,000 people were actively paying the game using Apple's Game Center leaderboards, but actual sales painted a very different picture.

"Unfortunately, the reality is that we’ve collected less than $800 in sales for FingerKicks, and Apple’s policies (or lack thereof) are the primary reason for the huge losses," says Fonseca in a blog post.

The company had assumed that Game Centre, Apple's social hub for iOS gamers, was a reasonable barometer of sales and that 17,000 active players meant 17,000 sales.

"It was a bitter disappointment when we discovered that the Game Centre numbers weren’t reflected in the iTunesConnect purchase reports," said Fonseca. "In fact, iTC reported only 160 purchases – a substantially lower number than the number of people actually playing the game. How it that possible?"