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Laptops, Tablets, Netbooks to be Extinct Says Intel

Chip maker Intel has predicted that laptops, tablets and netbooks will be replaced by ‘indiscribable’ computer systems ten years down the line.

Speaking during the SEMICON West conference in San Francisco, Rama Skukla, vice president of Intel's architecture group, declared that the tablets were ‘disappearing’ and the that devices that people will be using could not be described, V3 reports.

Shukla explained that the very idea of a personal computer was outdated and the future computers will act like a companion to human beings, containing the knowledge and information in a cloud that can be private or shared with others.

“The lines between a netbook, laptop and tablet are disappearing faster than designers today realise. It's going to be very difficult to see where one device goes and the next one takes off,” Shukla said.

He added that hardware makers and software developers will have to work in unison if they want to develop systems that provide security and identity protection to consumers.

Predicting the evolution of mobile technology, Shukla said that graphics on mobile phones will rise by a factor of 12 by 2015.