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Mark Zuckerberg Back on Google+, Regains Top Position

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made his Google+ profile public again, after many took his making his profile private a sign of hypocrisy.

According to The Inquirer, it was earlier reported that Zuckerberg had changed his privacy settings on his Google+ account so that no one can see how many people were following him.

Soon after the Inquirer ran that article, Zuckerberg was forced to change his privacy settings and make his profile public again after a general outcry.

Before changing his settings, Zuckerberg was leading the chart provided by Social Statistics. He had more followers than Google CEO Larry Page himself. However, Zuckerberg, along with other top Google executives had changed his profile settings to private.

But now, once again, Zuckerberg is back on the radar and his currently leading the chart once again. He has gained 50,000 new followers since July 12 and has a total of 185,000.

“Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg, along with several Google employees, closed off his profile so their numbers weren't visible anymore. Looks like today they reversed that setting. This completely reshuffles the top 100, again,” Social Statistics says.