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Microsoft Says Tablets Not to Carry Windows Phone 7 OS

Microsoft Corp. has denied using the Windows Phone 7 operating system to develop a tablet computer in the near future.

While addressing the annual Worldwide Partners Conference held in Los Angeles, the head of Windows Phone 7 division put down all speculations by stating that the company is not willing to produce tablet computers powered by the mobile operating system.

Andy Lees, the President of Windows Phone 7 revealed that the Redmond, Washington-based software maker considers tablet devices to be more like a personal computer and therefore can’t be run on a mobile platform.

"A lot of people have asked are we going to produce a phone that is a tablet, we view a tablet as a sort of PC, we want people to do the things they do on a PC on a tablet." stated Lees.

Microsoft is apparently one of the last company to enter the tablet computer market, as the Windows 8 operating system, which is a dedicated platform for tablet devices, is still under development and going by the information available every now and then, it is not expected to be launched any time before late 2012.