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Monsanto Acknowledges Hack by Anonymous, Employee Details Stolen

The agricultural biotechnology company Monsanto on Thursday acknowledged that its website had been attacked by an unidentified group of hackers.

The Creve Coeur, Missouri-based multinational company has revealed that it faced disruption in the functioning of its website in the month of June confirming the announcement made by the anonymous group of hackers on the micro blogging website Twitter this week, reports tech website CNET.

"Last month, Monsanto experienced a disruption to our Web sites which appeared to be organized by a cyber-group. In addition, this group also recently published publicly available information on approximately 2,500 individuals involved in the broader global agriculture industry.” Tom Helscher, the Director of corporate affairs at Monsanto stated in an official announcement.

Helscher also added that out of the leaked data which is a compilation of information from websites of other oil and agricultural companies, only 10 percent of the total information belongs to the employees of Monsanto.

The attack is group’s protest against the number of cases filed by the companies in agricultural sector against the dairy farmers of the country. The leaked data holds contact information of about 2,500 individuals.

Monsanto, the developer of genetically charged seeds and pesticides has been at logger heads with social activists group for child labour, unethical business activities, wrong disposal of toxic waste and bribery.