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Smartphone User Levels In UK Stagnating

A recent research study has shown that the level of smartphone adoption has remained more or less unchanged over the last half year.

The research which was conducted by YouGov, a web-based market research company, has revealed that the adoption of smartphones in the UK 'has stalled' over past six months, The Telegraph reports.

The survey which was conducted over 4,176 Britons of a range of differnet ages, has revealed that the percentage of smartphone users has grown from 33 per cent to only 35 per cent.

“The challenge for the industry is to better explain the benefits of smartphone ownership to current rejecters, notably older age groups and women. This is an online survey and respondents are typically regular Internet users,” Russell Feldman, the associate director for technology and telecoms at YouGov stated.

The company thinks that manufacturers and carriers need to explain the benefits of using a smartphone to people who have still not adopted new age mobile phones. It also adds that just 14 per cent of total smartphone users are above 55 years of age.

According to the responses, it has also been gathered that while both men and women prefer Apple and Samsung, smartphones from HTC and Nokia appeal more to men than women.