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Spotify gets invite-only launch in US

After years of wrangling with industry resistance, music streaming service Spotify will finally launch in the USA today.

The pioneering music service, which has been reinventing the way Europeans consume music for a couple of years now, will be available to a limited pool of punters allowed in by invitation only.

Those who previously registered interest in the service will be first in the queue, but it's not clear exactly when the service will be opened up to the great unwashed.

In keeping with the European model, Spotify USA is a three-tiered service with an ad-supported, time limited free version, a PC-bound premium version at $5 a month and for $10 you can stream unlimited tuneage to your mobile device. Symbian, iOS and Android operating systems are currently supported and Spotify promises that other systems will be added later.

The launch is all very good for our colonial cousins but UK subscribers might get the hump with the pricing offered to US users as Spotify seems to have got its sums a bit muddled.

Those of us with pounds in our pockets might be forgiven for thinking we're getting a raw deal as, based on today's exchange rates, we are paying $8 dollars for the £5 unlimited service and $16 for the £10 premium version.

Not fair Mr Spotify.

[UPDATE] So now it's all official. Spotify's press release follows:

Hello America. Spotify here.