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A Third Of iPhone 4 Users Think They Already Have 4G

It seems that despite their efforts to promote the new technology, the 4G providers may be facing an uphill struggle, since less than 25% of the potential customers (Blackberry, Android and iPhone owners ) show interest for the product, a Retrevo Gadgetology study shows.

But why the lack of interest?

One rather interesting reason is that many iPhone 4 owners (34%) actually believe they already have 4G technology, supposing that "4" somehow stands for 4G. But there is also confusion among Blackberry owners (24%), who think they already own a 4G handset despite the fact that RIM doesn't provide it. And there are even Android users who argue they own a 4G device (29%), but in their case it could be correct, since Android 4G devices have existed on the market for a while now.

Good news for Apple, though: 61% of faithful Apple customers and, surprisingly, 41% of Blackberry owners would buy the next iPhone or BB phone, with or without 4G.

The improvement over 3G should be about 2 or 3 Mbps taking 4G well over 10 Mbps, but considering customers' skepticism and ignorance, maybe some handset makers will be reluctant to adopt it just now. However, things are expected to change for the better, as marketing departments will most likely do their best to attract users' interest in the product, and 4G should take over from 3G as the price comes down.

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