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Twitter Plans To Introduce Large Scale Advertising, Source Claims

Twitter is trying to court heavyweight advertisers in order to escalate its revenue from advertising, a source close to the situation has revealed.

According to Reuters Canada, the San Francisco-based Twitter Inc is gearing up to deal with some large companies in order to offer higher volume advertising on the platform. The microblogging website is planning to offer advertisers the right to design, develop and publish their advertisements on the website themselves.

The Application Programming Interface (API) which is being kept under wraps will allow big advertising clients to post adverts in bulk and take complete control over it. The API which is expected to launch in the last fiscal quarter of the year will be first delivered to clients as a beta.

"It would increase the opportunity for advertisers to participate in that marketplace. Right now you've got to talk to a salesperson to run an ad on Twitter," the source, who did not want to reveal his identity as the project is still very much confidential, stated.

According to critics and web experts, the move being planned by Twitter could instead earn the company severe criticism and backlash from its users across the world. The bulk adverts could be splashed all over the forum including mainly irrelevant ads, some fear.