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UK Intelligence Agency Admits Losing Internet Experts to Microsoft, Google

UK’s intelligence agency has warned that its ‘whizz kids’ are migrating to companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, for the want of better salary.

According to The Telegraph, Iain Lobban, the director of GCHQ, the agency responsible for gathering information on terrorists, says that the agency is losing out on web specialists as it can’t pay them lucrative salaries.

Lobban said in the Intelligence and Security Committee report that he can offer them a great mission but not the high salaries and the perks that are offered by companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

The GCHQ had hired 491 new staff last year, increasing its strength to 5,675, but admits that employees continue to leave.

“I need some real internet whizzes in order to do cyber and I am not even sure they are even on the contractor market, so I need to work on that. They will be working for Microsoft or Google or Amazon or whoever. And I can’t compete with their salaries. I can offer them a fantastic mission, but I can’t compete with their salaries,” Lobban said.

“I probably have to do better than I am doing at the moment, or else my internet whizzes are not going to stay… and we do have a steady drip, I am afraid,” he added.