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ZTE launches own name handsets

Well-established Chinese OEM phone manufacturer ZTE has announced it has partnered with mobile phone distributor Brightpoint in the UK, to launch ZTE own branded mobile phones.

ZTE is well known for making mobile phones for companies such as Vodafone and Orange, with the ZTE Blade, as the Orange San Francisco and the Orange Monte Carlo – also known as the ZTE Skate.

This new venture from ZTE comes off the back of the company launching its own website in the UK, along with a Twitter feed at the start of last month, under the respective names of and also @ZTE_UK.

The ZTE Skate will be the first mobile phone to be sold under the ZTE name and brand from Brightpoint, which is due to arrive in Q4 this year.

One Mobile Ring attended the launch event of the ZTE partnership with Brightpoint, where we have exclusively learnt the ZTE Skate will be priced at under £250 when the phone arrives on the shelves around October time this year.

This move for ZTE to retail their own handsets and under their own name mimics the decision HTC made back in 2007, when they launched the ‘Touch’ handset under their own brand name. The High Tech Computer Corporation prior to that only provided OEM handsets to O2, in the XDA range and Orange, in the SPV series – with the mobile phone networks own name attached.

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