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Apple Begins Pilot Production For A6, Just In Time For iPhone 5?

Apple’s A6 processor isn't expected to power iOS devices until 2012 but the company has already asked Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to begin pilot production of the A6. The processor will reportedly embed four cores, compared to the current dual-core A5 processor, Cnet reports (opens in new tab).

Apple’s decision to switch production for the A6 to TSMC is not surprising since the Cupertino-based company and Samsung, its sole A4 and A5 manufacturer, have been entangled in a lawsuit for quite some time.

Actually, the consulting firm Linley Group suggested in June that Apple could let Samsung continue to manufacture the A5 processor, but added that the American tech giant could choose TSMC over Samsung for the manufacturing of the A6 processor.

Maybe Apple is simply testing its possible manufacturers so as to see which can deliver the best products. Since TSMC is the world’s largest chipset manufacturer, it is possible that Apple might allow it to mass-produce its A6 processor.

TSMC's position is not secure though as Intel is peddling its services to Apple too, Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gus Richard explained last month. However, Apple appears to be cold to Intel’s offering at present and prefering to stick to TSMC.

A6 will definitely be a hit and enhance the processing and graphics capabilities of future iOS gadgets, taking the iOS experience to a new level.

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