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Apple Nominates TSMC for A6 Testing

According to recent reports, iPhone maker Apple has asked TSMC to carry out a series of production trial of Apple’s A6 new-generation processors.

The reports have fuelled the on-going rumours about the Cupertino based tech giant planning to dump Samsung as its key component supplier as soon as possible, due to the on-going lawsuit between the two companies.

TSMC would soon be awarded an actual contract for the chips depending on its yield rate during the production trial, or the percentage of flawless chips per batch, according to this Reuters report.

"TSMC has got all the authorisation and details ready. Whether Apple puts in a formal order will depend on the yield rate," the Reuters report quoted an unnamed source.

However, on being approached for comments, TSMC spokeswoman Elizabeth Sun told Reuters that she could not make any comment on the issue due to the company’s policy of not responding to market rumours.

Experts on the issue, on the other hand, believe that TSMC would start the supply of some processor chips to the iPhone sometimes during the next year. Meanwhile, it is highly likely that the A5 orders would retained by Samsung.