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Bletchley Park Code Breaker Museum Gets A Visit From The Queen

Bletchley Park, home of the World War II Codebreakers, received a visit from the Queen today, as she dedicated a public memorial to those who worked at the facility and its outstations during the war.

Bletchley Park, near Milton Keynes, was home to some of the most critical work during the war: tasked with intercepting and decoding German communications, teams of some of the brightest minds in Britain worked in secret creating novel equipment to crack the codes.

"The fact that the Queen is coming here really does illustrate how important this place was, and the people who worked here. That's the key thing to it: these people weren't doing minor things in World War II, they were winning the war." Bletchley Park Trust director Simon Greenish explained to thinq_

The Queen unveiled the memorial earlier today at a special ceremony at the Park, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh.