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Cablegate Soldier Bradley Manning's Chat Logs With Hated Hacker Published In Full

Logs of online conversations between Bradly Manning, - the soldier accused of leaking thousands of governement cables to whistle-blowing web site Wikileaks, and Adrian Lamo, the reviled hacker who handed him over to the authorities, have been published by Wired (opens in new tab).

The technology magazine has been sitting on the chat logs for quite some time now but declined to publish them previously because of concerns of privacy, and requests from the incarcerated soldier's friends and family.

Now that other news and media outlets have let the cat out of the bag, the logs have been transcribed in full.

Although they contain little in the way of new evidence in the case against the 22-year-old, who some right-wing nut-jobs have suggested should be executed for treason, they paint a picture of a troubled young man in turmoil over his sexuality and his job in the military.

Manning is currently being held in a Kansas jail afyer spensing ten months in a Quantico military brig where the conditions were described as torture by supporters.

Lamo, described as the most hated hacker on the planet by some, is reportedly living alone in a motel room.