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Expansion Rack for Exadata Database Launched by Oracle

Oracle has dished out storage expansion racks for its Exadata Database Machine in a bid to provide extra storage and data processing capabilities.

The company said that the Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack have been designed for storing structured and un-structured data including backups of Oracle Exadata Database Machine, historical data, XML files, weblogs and documents.

The expansion pack offers storage ranging from 96 Terabytes to more than 3 Petabytes by utilising the InfiniBand switches which connect the expansion pack to the main appliance.

Oracle claimed that the Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression feature that comes with the expansion pack is capable of storing more than 10 Petabytes of user data.

"Organizations today are continually challenged with managing and storing the explosive growth in both structured and unstructured data," said Andrew Mendelsohn, senior vice president, Database Server Technologies, Oracle.

"By combining leading, industry-standard servers and storage hardware from Sun with the intelligence built into Oracle software, the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack allow customers to achieve unmatched data scalability, capacity and reliability." he added.

The expansion pack is available in three variants: quarter-rack, half-full and full-rack. The quarter rack is available for a price starting from $225,000.