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Flawed Implementation of SAP Responsible for Incorrect Paychecks

Recent reports revealed that flaws in a SAP software implementation supported by IBM consultants eventually ended up affecting the nurses in Nova Scotia with most of them receiving faulty paychecks for at least six months.

The problems, according to Janet Hazelton, president of the Nova Scotia Nurses Union, started when Canada's largest nonprofit home and community care organization - the Victorian Order of Nurses adopted the “faulty” SAP software in January, this year.

According to Hazelton, a significant number of the affected nurses were shortchanged in their paychecks, whereas there were also those who received twice their package.

Hazelton also claimed that these massive deviations were not amongst her biggest worries.

"My concern is with the nurses that got $100 more. They may not have noticed it,” Hazelton said as cited by PC World reports (opens in new tab).

“Our pay is never the same. Nursing paychecks can go up and down by as much as $400 or $500. If it's a direct deposit into your account, you may not even notice. Or some might get short-changed, and never realize it," she added

However, SAP officials claim that they took care of the situation as soon as they could and the affected system is working just fine now.

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