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Google+ has 10 Million ‘Invited’ Users

Internet search giant Google Inc.’s latest venture in the world of social networking; Google+ has already bagged over 10 million users, the company’s new chief executive Larry Page announced.

Encouraged by this overwhelming success of the site, which is still in its beta testing and may take some time before it is finally launched, Larry Page added that Google wants to be “like a toothbrush” for everyone.

The Google+ project was launched towards the end of June of the running year, and it is still under its “invitation only” phase, meaning only those, who received an invitation from the site, or from any of the existing users can be a part of the project.

The website combines a lot of Google’s existing, and massively popular services such as Picasa, Gtalk, etc, under one umbrella and the end result is more or less the same as that of Facebook, but with the addition of a tighter security and privacy policy, as well as a few added features.

Overwhelmed by the kind of response it has gained so far, many even go to the extent of calling Google+ a potential “Facebook killer”.