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Gordon Brown says NoW used trojans to hack PCs

As part of yesterday's House of Commons debate on the News Corporation phone hacking scandal, Ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown accused the News of the World of using illegal methods to access the computers of its victims.

During the debate, the ousted Labour PM said the newspaper had committed "new crimes with new names," including the use of "trojans to break into computers and not just phones."

In an emotive statement, Brown also said, "It was not the misconduct of a few rogues or a few freelancers but, I have to say, lawbreaking often on an industrial scale - at its worst dependent on links with the British criminal underworld."

Brown's comments suggest that the scandal, which has thus far been limited to the simple process of breaking into voice-mail accounts using default passcodes, runs much deeper.

“Amassed against these guiltless victims and against a succession of other victims of crime, whose names I know about and have seen and have yet to be made public, was the systematic use of base and unlawful methods,” he said.

The police are currently sifting through 11,000 pages of notes made by just one private investigator hired by the recently-deceased scandal rag, but more News International publications have been implicated and eight arrests have already been made.