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HP Strikes Back At Cisco Over Supervisor 2T Claims

Hewlett Packard has responded harshly to networking giant Cisco’s jibe at its A9508 switch at a recent product launch by the company, suggesting Cisco's claims were deceptive.

Cisco recently launched the Supervisor 2T for the Catalyst 6500 switch and compared it to Hewlett Packard’s A9508. The company had said that the Supervisor 2T was available at one third the cost of HP’s product and offered three times better performance, Network World reports.

Hewlett Packard however, when it got to know what Cisco had claimed, issued a lengthy statement in which it criticised Cisco’s 6500 switch for using a decade old technology and added that the company was misleading its clients.

HP said that the Catalyst 6500 switch was a workhorse of Cisco’s product line which was surviving on incremental updates, several of which required full system replacements.

The company claimed that when compared to Cisco’s products in the correct manner, HP’s products performed twice as well as Cisco’s offerings.

“The price comparisons are also meaningless - Cisco's math is based on an upgrade of a product with a very limited install base versus a completely new installation,” Mike Nielsen, director of solution marketing for HP Networking, remarked in a statement.