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Humans Remembering Less Things Due to Google Search Claims Study

A researcher has claimed that search engines like Google are changing the way humans think, causing them to use less and less of their memory.

The instant connectivity to the web and the massive horde of information offered by search engines like Google, allow people to get the information they need within seconds, without having them to remember things on their own.

This phenomenon is changing the human thought pattern, affecting the ability of humans to remember things, Columbia University researcher Betsy Sparrow claims.

Sparrow claims that humans know where to get the desired information but they don’t remember the information themselves. The researcher claims that relying on Google for certain information is similar to relying on a family member, friend or co-worker to remember things.

The tests conducted by the researcher and her team found that if people knew where the information can be found or is stored, they remember less of it.

"We're not thoughtless empty-headed people who don't have memories anymore. But we are becoming particularly adept at remembering where to go find things. And that's kind of amazing." Sparrow said.

“We all have these people in our lives who know certain things. And we dip into what they know, when we need it. I really think we are using the Internet the way we used to use people,” she added.

Ravi Mandalia

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