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iPhone Owners Play Games More Than Other Smartphone Users

In the midst of the rivalry between the iPhone and other smartphones, one thing is for sure: the iPhone users love games and they play them more than anyone else, a recent study by Nielsen (opens in new tab) shows.

According to the study, "more" in this case, stands for almost double the average time dedicated to playing games on their handsets. It seems that iPhone owners spend twice the time other smartphone owners do on mobile gaming, more precisely 14.7 hours per month; comfortably exceeding the amount of their main rival, Android, whose users only spend 9.3 hours monthly on average.

The Blackberry customers are below the overall average rate of 7.8 hours, using the games applications only 4.5 hours, while the Windows Phone 7 users are just a little bit higher than that with 4.7 hours of gaming. Meanwhile 93% of those who have downloaded an app say they are willing to pay for mobile games.

However, this study doesn't necessarily indicate a positive trend (exxcept for game developers), it may be a clue of how iPhone users waste their time with such applications as Angry Birds. According to the study, other apps such as News apps are not downloaded as often and, moreover, only 11% of the users download apps relating to education. Tut tut.

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