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Photos Allegedly Of iPad 2 Successor Component Appear

New photos reportedly featuring a component of an unreleased iPad model have recently been posted on The pictures released by the Taiwanese site could mean that the Cupertino giant will finish the design stage of its next-gen tablet in the near future, Padgagdet suggests.

The photos show a connector labeled with the code "1259". This component has been used in the manufacturing of the iPad 1 and iPad 2, but its code has been changed since the part is labeled ”1180” for the current iPad 2 model.

Also, it has been suggested that Apple is planning to use a high resolution display for the iPad 2 successor. Many iOS fans have been quite disappointed by the fact that the company did not use its Retina Display for the iPad 2, although this standard of display is currently available on the iPhone 4.

The next iPad release could only bring a slightly improved version of the current iPad 2, rather than a revolutionary third-gen tablet. The iPad 2 follow up is expected to land on the market next year.

Some reports had even suggested the iPad 3 could become available in late 2011, but this seems very unlikely since the company would not replace such a hot-selling tablet as the iPad 2 so soon, and with the probable launch of the fifth generation iPhone in the next two or three months, Apple will already have its hands full.

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