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Photovine Launched only for iPhone, Version for Android Missing

Android maker Google recently unveiled Photovine - a brand new photo sharing application built exclusively for the Apple iPhone.

Google’s decision to extend the new application’s support to the rival iOS platform was not a surprising one, especially keeping in mind the widespread, and ever increasing popularity enjoyed by the iPhone and its sister devices.

However, what really shocked many was how Google designed this app exclusively for the iPhone, and no sign of Android, or even the Google logo was visible in the teaser videos so far.

Photovine landed on the Apple App Store on Thursday amidst huge market anticipation and media hype.

The app enables users to click photos from their iPhone devices and share it with their buddies in the app, in real time. In short, the Google has designed Photovine on the similar line as the already massively popular app Instagram.

One major aspect that distinguishes Photovine from Instagram is that the images in the former can be “shared into a pool of other pictures centering around user-created topics called ‘vines’”, according to a LA Times blog post.