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RIM working on BlackBerry-branded Apple TV clone

Having lost its iron grip on the enterprise smartphone market, and failed miserably to make a dent in iPad sales with the utterly underwhelming PlayBook, RIM seems to have decided that, if it can't copy Apple's successful products and make a go of it, maybe it should try and make a better job of some of its failures.

BlackBerry fan site Nerdberry says it has the scoop on the next big thing to come out of Canadian company RIM and it's a set-top telly box a bit like Apple TV.

The site says that one of its sources has confirmed that RIM is indeed working on a media-streaming device after starting the rumour some time ago.

The secret source says it will be named the BlackBerry Cyclone, will stream Netflix and Youtube straight to your telly box via an HDMI cable, and will have access to media stored on other devices attached to your network through a wired connection or Wi-Fi.

If the PlayBook is anything to go by you'll need a BlackBerry handset to make it work properly.

Frankly, we think there's more chance of Apple dumping OSX for Windows, but we'll let this one slide as it's Friday, and the pub beckons.