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Rumour: iPhone 5 launch delayed by hot chips

Reports emanating from China are suggesting that Apple has broken its expected release cycle for the iPhone 5 because the A5 chip found in the iPad 2 can't cope with being crammed into the handsets tiny chassis.

Chinese language site Sohu reckons the Cupertino company has pushed back the launch of the iPhone 5 from its usual June or July slot to Septemeber because the substantially beefier silicon is overheating in the phone's slimmed-down enclosure.

The A5 chip, thought by most to be designed by Brit chip shop ARM and manufactured by Samsung, is close to twice the physical size of the previous A4 incarnation found in the iPhone 4 which is reportedly compounding the problem.

The report also speculates that Apple might release a minor upgrade to the much-copied smart phone, in the guise of an iPhone 4S, as a stopgap until the heat and space issues can be ironed out.

Can we have some salt to go with that please?