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SAP And Oracle Reject Settlement In $1.3 Billion Lawsuit

Oracle and rival SAP, who have been embroiled in a data theft lawsuit for a long time now, have said that an out of court settlement in relation to a billion dollar plus payout by the latter, is not possible.

SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow was charged with illegally downloading Oracle software and product manuals from an Oracle website. The courts had found SAP guilty of data theft and ordered it to pay Oracle $1.3 billion in damages.

SAP is now planning to get a retrial and is requesting that the amount it was asked to pay be reduced. The company said that the damages were disproportionate to the evidence provided to the court and is claiming a ‘miscarriage of justice’, PC World reports.

Judge Phyllis Hamilton of the U.S. District Court in Oakland said that she would take her time to consider SAP’s reappeal and had suggested that the two warring companies might want to settle using a mediator appointed by the court.

Lawyers representing both the companies however declined the offer and have refused to settle the matter amicably at this stage.

“My own sense is that it's not likely to be productive in the absence of a ruling one way or the other," Gregory Lanier, a lawyer representing SAP stated.