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Spanish court gives green light to piracy links

A final ruling handed down by a Spanish court appears to have made linking to sites containing pirated material legal in the country.

TorrentFreak reports that lawyers defending the owners of say the victory provides final confirmation that sites merely linking to dodgy files, as opposed to those doing the actual hosting, are perfectly legal.

The judge in the case ruled that offering an index of files, and linking to them, was not the same as distribution and that there was nothing in Spanish law as it stands to prevent aggregation sites from operating.

TorrentFreak says the case held in the influential Barcelona court could set a precedent fpr Spain's intellectual property laws, and we think it could even have implications for Europe-wide rulings.

An international clampdown on sites hosting illegally obtained media, and those who link to them, has led to a large number of domain siezures in recent months, many of them initiated by US companies and law enforcement agencies.

The international copyright lobby came under fire recently when it emerged that one Danish anti-piracy group admitted in a closed meeting that it had deliberatley used the threat of child pornography to convince politicians that Internet filtering was a good thing.