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Website Claims RIM Developing Set Top Box to Compete Apple TV

Research in Motion has been rumoured to be developing a set top box system to compete with Apple TV for the home entertainment market.

According to a report on Nerd Berry (opens in new tab), the company is working on a home entertainment media system that will be powered by the BlackBerry OS.

Code named BlackBerry Cyclone, the media box will come with a wide range of features that will help it take on Apple TV.

The device will be able to connect to the TV via HDMI cable, offering Netflix’s movie streaming service and access to Google’s YouTube platform. The BlackBerry Cyclone will be able to connect to Wi-Fi of course to access media devices on the Wi-Fi network. Other unspecified channels will also be a part of the rumoured offering.

A source within RIM, Nerd Berry informs, confirmed the existence of the device and even said that it will be launching this summer.

Perhaps RIM should stick to competing with Apple on the smartphone front and move to other things once it reaches a considerable market share again. Otherwise, RIM will find itself in the same position when it had tried to take on the iPhone with BlackBerry Storm.

Apple wouldn't be the only competition that RIM would need to deal with as Roku and Boxee are other formidable players in this arena.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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