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Developers More Interested In Apps For iPhone And iPad Than Android

Apple's iOS is much more appealing for app developers than the Android platform, judging by the number of iOS and Android app projects, a recent report from analytics company Flurry revealed.

In Q2 of 2011, 57% of new app projects were aimed at the iPhone and the iPod Touch, which represents an increase of 3% compared to Q1. Furthermore, app projects for the iPad increased by 5%, Gigaom reveals (opens in new tab) citing the report. On the other hand, the number of Android projects has dropped by 6%, falling to 28% in Q2.

The iOS popularity comeback has been triggered by the success of the iPhone on Verizon and the sales juggernaut known as the iPad 2. The fact that developers are happy with the prospects they have on the iOS is clear evidence that the platform is still strong.

Also, it has been proven to be more lucrative for developers to launch their apps on iOS than on Android, and for this reason “Google must tack aggressively at this stage of the race to ensure that Apple doesn’t continue to take its developer-support wind,” Flurry’s analyst Charles Newark-French explained.

The healthy Apple ecosystem is a good enough guarantee for most developers, who continue to ply their skills on Apple's iOS platform.

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