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O2 Unveils Priority Moments To Reward Customers

Telefonica owned mobile phone operator O2 has unveiled a new service called Priority Moments which is actually an application for iPhone and Android which provides its customers with vouchers, deals and discounts.

Priority Moments may be seen as an extension of O2's own O2 Rewards scheme and as some as observed, is a lot like Orange's own Vouchercloud which provides a location-based coupon service that gives them discounts or freebies based on where they are.

The scheme will go live on the 26th of July with roughly 30 brands joining the initial bandwagon including the likes of Odeon, Harvey Nichols, Pizza Hut and Little Chef.

Unfortunately, there are no push notifications or websites where you can get hold of the offers yet. Sadly, you must just wander around with the app activated in order to see what deals are on.

Interestingly, O2 will pay some of the companies to participate and in other cases, the companies will pay O2 for the privilege of joining Priority Moments. Ultimately though, the service is more of a retention scheme, aimed at reducing churn rather than money-making.

In the long run, O2's ability to tap into its 26 million customers and convince a significant portion to convert to location based services may increase the company's average revenue per customer.