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Adobe acquires digital signature outfit EchoSign

Adobe said it has acquired EchoSign, a firm specialising in Web-based electronic signatures and signature automation.

EchoSign's CEO, Jason Lemkin, said the acquisition was great news. "We're extremely pleased to announce that EchoSign is now part of the Acrobat family - Adobe has acquired EchoSign," he announced on the company blog.

The terms of the deal haven't been made public but it's a sfe bet to suggest Lemkin is a bit wealthier today than he was yesterday.

"Together, our aim is to make electronic signatures the standard way for people to sign documents and automate contracting," he proclaimed.

He said the EchoSign software would be integrated with Adobe’s other document services including SendNow for managed file transfer, FormsCentral for form creation and CreatePDF for online PDF creation.

Kevin M. Lynch, vice president and general manager of Adobe's Acrobat and Digital Enterprise Solutions, reckons: "By adding electronic signature capabilities to Adobe's document exchange services platform, we will be addressing the need to provide better customer experiences by significantly reducing the time, cost and complexity associated with having a document signed."

EchoSign is based in Palo Alto, California and has sales offices in the U.K. and Germany. The founders of EchoSign and all full-time employees will join Adobe, the firms said.