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Android hits half a million a day activations

Google has announced there are 500,000 Android devices being activated each and every day, from a revenue update delivered by their CEO Larry Page.

Google has unveiled their financial results for the second quarter of this year, which has seen their revenue up by 32-percent year on year to a record-breaking $9 billion.

Larry Page mentioned an update to figures for Android operating system based mobile phones in the same conference call to the media and shareholders, where it has now come to light that half a million handsets are going live day in, day out – up from 400,000 in May.

Google's CEO also answered the question - 'How is the company going to monetize Android?’.

He stated that he understands the need to serve the short term and long term where the Google's search engine money allows for innovations to be funded – such as Android and Chrome, with its 160 million worldwide users and the highest growing web browser in numbers.

These products can generate revenue in the long run, just as their search engine now does and has proven its worth over the past 12 years.

There are a few different tiers to Google's products, with the search and apps products driving the company’s revenue stream, where other facets such as YouTube, Android and Chrome have tremendous consumer usage and can generate huge business for them in the long run.

These last three are being actively invested within to optimise their long term success, where Google does have a good history in working with products over time and to great rewards, such as Google Apps, Google Ads and their search engine.

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