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Apple And Jailbreakers Playing Cat And Mouse

After plugging a jailbreak loophole just earlier this month, Apple's iOS has been jailbroken once again, just days after the release of the 4.3.4 update.

The new tethered jailbreak, which alas does not work for the iPad 2, is not browser-based as the previous one was, and users will need to use the redsn0w or PwngeTool to jailbreak their devices.

It all started with the updating in July of a web site called JailbreakMe, which targeted every iOS device on the market, including iPad 2, even if Apple's tablet seemed impossible to jailbreak.

The way it worked was by no means complicated: when the site was accessed from an iOS-based device, it would allow the jailbreak in the user's tablet, installing automatically a third-part app store Cydia.

Apple responded to this on July 15th, by updating the iOS with the version 4.3.4. In order to update their tool with a new stunt, and to allow the jailbreak, the hackers have also updated their tethered tool to work with Apple's patch.

While most iOS devices may still be jailbroken, this tethered jailbreak does unfortunately not work for the iPad 2 unlike the original one. And as soon as its users upgrade to 4.3.4., they won't be able to go back to the 4.3.3. version, PC Mag (opens in new tab) warns.

Those who hope to jailbreak their devices should refrain, for the moment, from updating their iPad's iOS version.

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