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Asda Drops Price Of Arnova 8 Tablet To £99

Although it's definitely not an iPad 2 slayer, the Arnova 8 from French company, Archos, comes with a few interesting features at a very competitive price.

At £99, the Arnova 8 costs around a quarter of what you'd have to shell out for the cheapest iPad 2. But comparing the two tablets is a futile exercise because of the performance and feature gap between the two.

The Arnova 8 has a Rockchip 2818 SoC clocked at 666MHz with an 8-inch resistive screen and a SVGA (800x600) resolution, 4GB onboard storage extendable to 36GB via a 32GB microSD card and running Android 2.1 Eclair.

The tablet carries a maximum battery life of 5.5 hours and up to 25 hours payback. There's Wi-Fi and even a USB port but that's basically it. The resistive screen will be a turn off for the majority of customers and so will the lack of access to the official Android Market (replaced by Archos' own AppsLib store).

Fortunately, there's a custom firmware known as Kasty that provides Android market access to the Arnova 8 and solves a few of the screen issues owners have noted.

There are however better tablets, albeit a tad more expensive. The Kogan tablet for example comes with a smaller 7-inch screen, a 1Ghz Hummingbird SoC, 512MB RAM, a microHDMI port and much more.