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Copiepresse Accuses Google of Vindictive Boycott

A consortium of Belgian newspapers has accused search engine giant Google of ‘boycotting’ them by removing them from its search results.

This is the same consortium that had filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on Google for illegally including their content on Google News.

Google had lost the lawsuit and was asked to pay Euro 25,000 for every day it infringed on the newspapers’ copyright.

The company responded by removing the content from its massive search engine as it claims that the ruling implied to all Google product.

The consortium, called Copiepresse, has reacted after Google chose to exclude them from its search results as well.

“We regret having to do so. We would be happy to re-include Copiepresse if they would indicate their desire to appear in Google Search and waive the potential penalties," a Google spokesperson told AP.

The consortium has challenged Google’s interpretation of the ruling, claiming that it was necessary to distinguish Google Search from Google News.

“The news editors do not oppose having their content referenced by the Google search engine, they refuse on the other hand for their informational content to be included in Google News,” an article on French newspaper La Capitale read.