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Developer Preference For Apple iOS Over Android Increasing

According to a new study, Apple is fighting back strongly against the Android surge based on its increasing support from developers in the smartphone and tablet market.

The report was published by Flurry, an emerging research outfit, which specialises in providing developers application data as well as a recommendation based ad-platform.

The company claims that the study contained detailed information obtained from its clients in relation to forthcoming projects which showed that a large proportion of those started were aimed at Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (72% in Q2 2011, up 8%), compared with Android (28% in Q2).

Meanwhile, Flurry analysts say that having undergone one year of consistent growth, the Android market is currently slowing down with a decline in its share of new projects.

“Last week, Apple reported that it had sold a cumulative 200 million iOS devices. Currently the App Store contains more than 425,000 apps, with total downloads surpassing 15 billion,” according to the report.

“From the developer’s point of view, the most attractive aspect of the iOS consumer audience is that they all have credit cards on file with iTunes,” it added.

The Android market currently has about 200,000 apps, and in May the company surpassed 4.5 billion app downloads worldwide, barely one-third of the amount Apple has claimed to have bagged.