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Google+ Beats Bebo, Myspace In Search Traffic, Surges In Northern Ireland

Google's new social venture, Google+, has surpassed former social networking darling, Myspace, at least when it comes to the average traffic (or Search Volume Index) of Google+ from the United Kingdom over the last 30 days.

Google+ was only announced towards the end of June 2011 and managed to outflank its rival in the UK within 24 hours according to Google's own trending tool, Google Trends.

The online service also showed that Myspace traffic in Northern Ireland is almost non-existent, and Google+ has almost caught up with Linkedin but is still far behind Bebo. In Scotland, Wales and England, the business networking website is still far ahead of Google+ but the latter is catching up fast.

Both Facebook and Twitter are well ahead of Google+; the latter's search volume index is 138x bigger than Google+ for the last 30 days while Twitter's is 11x bigger than Google+'s.

Google confirmed last Friday that Google+ had shattered the 10 million users milestone (roughly one per cent of its monthly unique visitor count) with around one billion items being shared on Google Plus on a daily basis.

Both Twitter and Facebook appear to be nonplussed by Google's venture into the social arena given how Buzz and Wave fared after a few months. We're keen to see how Apple will react as well, given that its own Ping service hasn't been so stellar.