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Internet Explorer Is Top Browser For Blocking Malware

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser is the most effective when it comes to blocking malware when compared to rivals like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

According to malware blocking tests conducted by NSS Labs, the reputation system used in Interment Explorer 8 and 9 was far superior to the system found on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, PC World reveals.

The browsers were subjected to European malware URLs for 19 days in April, at the end of which, it was found that Internet Explorer 8 had a block rate of 90 per cent while Chrome 10, Firefox 4 and Safari 5 had a block rate of 13 per cent each.

Both Internet Explorer 8 and 9 run the Smartscreen URL Filter technology for blocking malware while Chrome and others use Google’s Safe Browser Feed. In addition to the URL filtering system, Internet Explorer 9 also uses SmartScreen Application Reputation which offers highly effective download block protection.

"The significance of Microsoft's new application reputation technology cannot be overstated. Application Reputation is the first attempt by any vendor to create a definitive list of every application on the Internet," the report read.

"Browsers provide a layer of protection against socially-engineered malware, in addition to endpoint protection products; as this report shows, not all are created equal. The overall lower protection offered by Firefox, Safari, and Chrome is concerning," the report concluded.